Apurba gets divorced Nazia after 9yrs of marriage (Video Link)

Actor Ziaul Farooq Apurba-Nazia’s 9-year family has broken up. Their marriage ended in divorce. They have a son named Ayash in the family of 9 years. On Sunday (May 17) afternoon, Nazia Hasan Aditi confirmed the news of breaking up the family through social media. Although he contacted Apurba about the divorce, he could not be found. Finally, through social media, he raised the issue of separation with a status on Sunday night.

Popular television actor Ziaul Faruq Apurba and wife Nazia Hassan Audity have got divorced after nine years of their marriage as they did not get along with each other.

Nazia Hassan herself has confirmed the matter. He also gave the status on Facebook. There he wrote, ‘Stop calling me Bhabi.’

Apurba kid

Assalumalaikum everyone.
Muhammad Ziaul Faruque Apurba!!! He has been an amazing father, loving brother, responsible son and a good human being. HE IS A SUPER TALENTED GUY with MILLIONS OF FANS he earned by himself. He is exactly where he deserves to be. Please judge him with his tremendous works, not by his personal life.
Unfortunately we are no longer together for numerous reasons but I wish happy and prosperous life for him. He has given me the best gift ever my son-♥️AYYASH♥️ and beautiful family members to love and cherish. And ill be grateful for that.
Please dont judge any of us for this decision.
You guys have always loved us and supported us through thick and thin and We hope that you will continue to do so.
To all the journalists and reporters I would like to say please don’t publish any fake news on this regard. Pray for all of us. Stay safe everyone.
Apurba’s post followed three hours later:

As-salamu alaykum,

It is with a heavy heart, I’m sharing with all of you that my wonderful journey of 9 years with Nazia Hassan has come to an unwanted turn and has left me a bit perplexed. Although this is not what we intended for ourselves but sadly this is where life has brought us today.

All these years that we were together, She has always been a great partner and a true well wisher. She also has been the key instrument behind many of my successes. She’s an amazing person, a confident entrepreneur and above all a very kind and humane individual.

Although I’ve achieved much in my career, yet my greatest achievement ever will always be – our son Ayyash. I will never be able to thank Nazia enough for this wonderful gift of fatherhood. She has been an exemplary mother for my child and our journey as partners in parenting our son will always continue.

I understand that breaking of a scared union like marriage can raise many questions, however I urge my friends, my colleagues and above all my millions of fans – to think of us with kindness. Please know that we had our reasons to believe that this is what is best for all of us. Both our families have been anything but supportive, and I hope that so will you so that Me and Nazia can get through this testing times.

Please keep the three of us in your prayers.

Thank You all and May Allah bless us all.

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