SSC Assignment 2024 7th Week (PDF Download All Subjects)

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has released the seventh week assignment for the students who want to participate in the 2024 SSC examination from the science, humanities and business education branches. August 29, 2024 SSC 2024 Seventh Week Assignment Science, Humanities, Business Education is published on the website of the Department.

In the seventh week, we are organizing today with all the information related to the subjects of the assignments scheduled for the SSC candidates of 2024, all the assignments based on the department and the solution of the subjects. Students and educational institutions will be able to easily download the details of the assignments for the seventh week of the 2024 SSC exams from here.

In addition, information was provided to the students of Science, Humanities and Business Education participating in the SSC examination of 2024 from all the secondary schools under the Board of General Education regarding the solution of assignments in all the subjects of the seventh week.

7th Week SSC Assignment 2024

Assignments for the 8th week out of the 12 week assignments written in the light of the short syllabus of 2024 prescribed by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board are the history and world civilization of Bangladesh, physics, business enterprise, economics, biology, finance and banking.

For the convenience of the students, in the seventh week published by NCTV and the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, the assignments of the subjects scheduled for the 2024 SSC examinations were given separately so that the students could understand and write very well.

In the picture below I see the assignments of SSC candidates in the seventh week published by Mausi


Distribution of Assignments (Seventh Week) for the students participating in the SSC Examination 2024

In the context of appropriate subject matter, it is learned that due to the Covid-19 overdose, the National Curriculum and Textbook Baird (NCTB) has prepared the guideline for the students participating in the 2024 SSC examination.

All concerned are requested to take necessary steps to follow the hygienic rules and regulations in case of giving and receiving the distributed assignments to all the students.

SSC 7th Week Assignment Answer 2024

In order to facilitate the completion of assignments for student friends, in the seventh week of 2024, SSC candidates were provided with a sample article based on the assigned title and the subject of the assignment.

This will enable the students to complete the assignment very well and achieve good results in the assessment. However, in any case, it is discouraged to copy the assignment directly from here, because it may cancel your assignment.

You will gather information from here and try to write a unique answer using your own intellectual thinking so that the teachers can evaluate it as the highest score and the best.

SSC 2024 7th Week Assignment  PDF Download All Subject

Click on the button below to download the contents of the seventh week assignment published for SSC candidates in 2024 in PDF format. Category-wise assignments will be uploaded soon. Please stay tuned.

2024 SSC 7th Week Assignment PDF Download 


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