SSC 2024 8th Week Assignment PDF (All Subjects) Question

Educational institutions have been closed for a long time. Students are also away from lessons. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has released the eighth week assignment in the light of the short syllabus prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board NCTB for the SSC candidates of 2024 to meet the learning deficit of the students. 31st August 2024 Mausi Website 2024 SSC 7th Week Assignment Scheduled topics are published with questions.

The eighth week assignments scheduled by the authorities for the students of science, humanities and business education studying in class X of all government and private secondary schools in the country will start from September 4, 2024 and the students will complete and submit them within a week.

In the eighth week for the readers, the subjects of the assignment scheduled for the SSC examinees of 2024, writing instructions and assessment determinants are mentioned in detail.

SSC Assignment 2024 8th Week

Assignments scheduled for the eighth week for all the students studying in 10th class of 2024 who will participate in the SSC examination of 2024 are – Bangla Second Paper, Physics, Business Entrepreneurship, Geography and Environment.

The subjects of the full assignment of the 8th Week 2024 SSC candidates for the students were given in the form of separate PDFs by department and various information regarding their solutions was provided so that the students could complete their eighth week assignments very well.


SSC 2024 8th Week Assignment Answer

In the eighth week the publishers have detailed the strategies for writing solutions for the students in the assignments. Following these, the students will solve the relevant issues in the light of the short syllabus by collecting the knowledge acquired before the study and information from the internet and other sources.

Where to gather information Students must make good use of their intellect and try to prepare a unique answer to their assignments so that they get the highest results of the assessment.

SSC 8th Week Bangla Assignment


Subject: Bangla 2nd Paper, Assignment No-3, Level: SSC Exam 2024, Week: 8th

Assignment: Describing the method of word formation in Bengali and word analysis derived from the story ‘Mamtadi’.

Learning Outcome / Content: Can describe the ways of forming Bangla words.

Instructions (signal / step / circumference): 1. Prefixes, suffixes and conjunctions – a description of these three ways of forming Bangla words. 2. Identifying and analyzing prefixes, suffixes and compound words from the story ‘Mamtadi’.


A. Prefixed words: adjective = admonition: similar prefix.

B. Convincing words: gratitude = grateful + ta: convinced suffix.

C. Compound words: kitchen = house for cooking: 4th tatpurush.

SSC 8th Week Physic Assignment


Subject: Physics, Assignment No-2, Level: SSC Exam 2024, Week: 8th

Assignment: Mathematical determination of how force, wind resistance, kinetic energy and efficiency work for a cyclist.

The figure shows the horizontal part of the ball as the bicycle rider moves forward

The figure shows the horizontal part of the ball as the bicycle rider moves forward
(A) The bicycle moves at a balanced speed until it achieves a constant speed.

(i) Describe how the wind barrier works at this time.

(ii) Compare the two horizontal forces while increasing the speed of the bicycle.

(B) Matte mass of bicycle and bicycle rider is 75 kg. Determine the bicycle speed 4 ms-1, the applied force of Araehi 30N and the wind barrier 210 N at a moment in the corner;

(i) Matte kinetic energy of Araihi including bicycle.

(ii) Acceleration of Arahi with bicycle.

(C) As the bicycle moves, energy is transmitted from the pedal to the rear wheel;

Figure 2: Shows what happens to the power input on the paddle.
Figure 2: Shows what happens to the power input on the paddle.

(i) Some energy is lost as the energy is transmitted to the rear wheel. Explain how this happens.

(ii) Determine the efficiency of the bicycle in transmitting energy from the pedal to the rear wheel.

Learning Outcomes / Contents: Can explain force and friction force. Be able to measure kinetic energy. Be able to diagnose efficiency.

Follow the instructions and necessary information on pages 7, 8, 102 and 119-120 of the textbook.

SSC 8th Week Business Entrepreneurship Assignment


Subject: Business Enterprise, Assignment No-2, Level: SSC Exam 2024, Week: 8th

Assignment: Determining the role of business enterprise in the socio-economic development of the country;

Learning Outcome / Content: I will be able to analyze the importance of business initiative in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. Be able to analyze the relationship between business venture and risk and describe the favorable environment for business venture development;

Direction (signal / perimeter / step): The importance of business enterprise Favorable environment for business enterprise development; Business enterprise and risk relationship; The concept of earth social development;

Geography & Environment 8th Week SSC Assignment


Subject: Geography and Environment, Assignment No. 2, Level: SSC Exam 2024, Week: 8th


A. Explain the effectiveness of date, bar and time in the 180 ° longitude line for the west or east movement of the earth; B. In the UK, it’s 8am. Bangladesh time calculation;

Learning Outcome / Content:  Explain important lines including axis and longitude and describe their importance পারবে Identify different places on the map using axis and longitude line;

Directions (Signals / Perimeters / Steps): • Explain and explain the importance of important lines and international date lines করা Determining latitude and longitude by axis and longitude line. Calculate time using international date lines.

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