Noakhali Begumganj Rape Video- Viral Video On Social Media

Noakhali Begumganj Rape Video- A gang rape video was viral on social media. According to some ethnic sources we knew that A housewife was allegedly gang-raped while her husband was tied up. Not only raped but also the rapist shared the video on Social Media. Here we present the Noakhali Begumganj Rape Viral Video which was viral on social media.

The incident took place on September 2, 2024 in Begumganj of Noakhali. But it is a matter of sorrow that the the woman and her family could not tell anything about this rape from fear. But yesterday a video was leaked on social media where we saw that the rapist torture the woman brutally and threatened her.

Noakhali Begumganj Rape Incident Took Place

The incident was happened 32 Days earlier but the woman and her family member did not open up mouth from fear. The Victim name is Roji Akter who is a daughter of Nurul Islam. The full family lives in Noahkhali’s Begumganj upazila at Joykrishnapur village of Eklashpur union .

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Noakhali Begumganj Rapist Name

The rapist name of Noakhali Begumganj has revealed now. Harunur Rashid Chowdhury, officer-in-charge of Begumganj Police Station said that  Abdur Rahim was arrested who during primary interrogation confessed to his involvement in the crime.

9 people have been accused for the rape case. But only two rapist are arrested by the police. However, the police force are working very hard for searching the fugitive rapist. Here we present the full rapist list with you.

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01. Kalam
03. Rahim
04. Delowar

Noakhali Begumganj Rape Viral Video Link

Last night a video leaked on Social Media. Delowar and Kalam were shared the video on Facebook. On the video we saw that the brutality of the torture lay not only in how much physical pain it inflicted on the woman, but also in their lack of mercy. The victim requested the rapists but they did not mercy her. Here we present some lines which we collected from the video.

“I am calling you my father, my brother, please let me go! For the sake of Allah let me go!”  Pleased Do not Rape me, i have a child.

Noakhali Begumganj Rape Final Report

The locals said the the victim and her family left their house afterwards. So, Police are searching them. On the other hand police has arrested two rapist from their home. But the main rapist Kalam and Delowar runaway from the local. Police is searching them.

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Final Words

Rape rate is increasing day by day in our country. If we do not give the punish of the culprits, the rape case will be be increasing. As a result, we want justice and we want a proper punishment to the rapist. Thank you.

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