Hsc 2024 Chemistry 1st Weak Assignment Answer

Dear Examiners of Science Department of HSC 2024, The selected answers of HSC Exam 2024 Chemistry First Paper 1st Assignment have been prepared for you. Sample Answer (Atom Model and Electron Format, Quantum Number). Those of you who are candidates for HSC 2024 in government and private colleges were given a definite assignment in the first paper of Assignment Chemistry 1st week. Following the proper evaluation instructions, the selected sample answer of Chemistry First Paper 1st Assignment is given to you.

The first assignment of HSC candidates in Chemistry has been taken from the second chapter of the text book Qualitative Chemistry. Chemistry First Paper The first assignment that students will gain in completing the first assignment is-

Comparison of the Rutherford and Bohr models of atoms, quantum numbers, explanation of different layers and electron capacities, description of the strength and shape of the quantum substrate, and the exclusion principle of Aufbau, Hund and Pauli.

Below are the questions, solution instructions and assessment rules of the first assignment of Chemistry subject of HSC candidates of 2024 in detail.

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Hsc 2024 1st Weak Assignment Chemistry


Level: HSC Exam 2024, Category: Science, Subject: Chemistry, Paper: First, Subject Code-16, Assignment No-1

Chapter and Title: Chapter Two, Qualitative Chemistry

Assignment: Atom model and electron configuration.

Instructions (signal / step scope):

A) describe the atomic model;
B) describe quantum numbers;
C) Determine the electron holding capacity of different energy levels of an atom from quantum number;
D) Explain the principle of electron configuration at the subatomic level of the atom;

HSC 2024 Chemistry 1st  Weak Assignment Answer

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Here are the selected samples of HSC Exam 2024 Chemistry First Paper 1st Assignment made for you Answer-Atom Model and Electron Format.

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