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In the light of the short syllabus of HSC candidates for 2024 prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board, the first week of HSC Exam 2024, the first week of assignment science, humanities and business education has been published. According to the grade of publication of the assignment, the first week assignment was given to the students of humanities, business education, science and music in all the government and private higher secondary colleges under the general education board.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Education, on 28 July 2024, the first two weeks of the 15-week assignment was published for the 2024 HSC candidates studying in higher secondary level educational institutions.

HSC Assignment 2024

After completing the assignment, the teacher will follow the prescribed rules in the subject related to the assignment submitted by the students and will evaluate the students properly and save the information by following the assessments mentioned in the assignment.

For the students participating in the HSC examination in 2024, two assignments of departmental electives will be given every week.

Once the students have completed and submitted these assignments, the teachers will give the marks to the students depending on their skills at the end of the assignment assessment and the results of the students may be declared on the basis of these marks as it is not possible to take the test.

HSC Exam 2024 First Week Assignment

Physics, history, history and culture of Islam, business organization and management, Islamic education, child development, light music from the first batch of students participating in the 2024 Higher Secondary Examination according to the Assignment Grid;

From the second group, chemistry, economics, civics and good governance, logic, accounting, food and nutrition, and classical music have been assigned;

HSC Assignment  2024 PDF Download

Students wishing to participate in the 2024 HSC examinations of the General Education Boards studying in the Departments of Science, Humanities, Business Education and Music will have to complete the prescribed tasks of the departmental elective subjects in a timely manner and submit them to the teacher.

In completing the assignments, the students will follow the relevant short syllabus and try to answer the questions by following the ones mentioned in the question paper in the light of the acquired knowledge.

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HSC  Physics 1st Assignment 2024

The first assignment of the first week physics subject of the HSC candidates of 2024 from the science department has been scheduled from the second chapter of the text book Veter;

Students will complete the first assignment after learning to explain the rules of geometric addition of vectors, analyzing the addition and subtraction of vectors with the help of rhombuses, dividing by a rectangular extension.

The picture below shows the details of the first assignment of Physics for the students participating in the HSC examination from the Department of Science in 2024.



Level: HSC Exam 2024, Category: Science, Subject: Physics, Paper: First, Subject Code-164, Assignment No-1

Chapter and Title: Chapter Two, Vector

Assignment: Thinking in a three-dimensional context. The positions of the two points are P (3, -4,5) and Q (2, -1,1), respectively, relative to the origin of the context structure. The position of the points P and Q is indicated by the vectors P and Q respectively.

(A) Determine the position vector of the point P. Find a single vector parallel to PQ.

(B) If vectors P and Q point to two adjacent sides of a triangle, what is the area of ​​the triangle?

(C) Suppose another vector R = 1 + 2- 3k in the context structure. P, Q and R point to three sides of a dense parallelogram as shown in Figure 1 to determine the volume of the parallelogram and to present its explanation for the answer.

Figure 1: Dense parallelogram

(D) Now consider the value of P as the width of a river. Suppose, Q indicates the current of that river and R indicates the speed of the boat and you are sitting in that boat. Now what will you do to cross the river in the shortest time? Show mathematically. (It is not possible to sail faster than this)

(E) To determine the shortest time to cross the river.

(F) Is it necessary to change the speed and angle of the boat to cross this river at the shortest distance? Analyzing mathematical reasoning.

Instruction (signal / step / circumference): In case of measurement, length should be measured in kilometers per unit and velocity in kilometers per hour.

HSC  Chemistry 1st Assignment 2024 

The first assignment of HSC candidates in Chemistry has been taken from the second chapter of the text book Qualitative Chemistry. Chemistry First Paper The first assignment that students will gain in completing the first assignment is-

Comparison of atomic Rutherford and Bohr models, quantum number, explanation of different layers and electron capacitance, description of strength and shape of quantum substrate, can form atomic electrons by applying the exclusion principle of outbow, hund and pauli.

In the picture below, the questions, solution instructions and assessment rules of the first assignment of Chemistry subject of 2024 HSC candidates are mentioned in detail.


Level: HSC Exam 2024, Category: Science, Subject: Chemistry, Paper: First, Subject Code-16, Assignment No-1

Chapter and Title: Chapter Two, Qualitative Chemistry

Assignment: Hsc 2024 Chemistry 1st Weak Assignment Answer

Instructions (signal / step scope):

A) describe the atomic model;

B) describe quantum numbers;

C) Determine the electron holding capacity of different energy levels of an atom from quantum number;

D) Explain the principle of electron configuration at the subatomic level of the atom;


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