HSC Assignment 2024 1st Weak Business Studies  | PDF Download

In the light of the short syllabus of HSC candidates for 2024 prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board, the first week of HSC Exam 2024, the first week of assignment science, humanities and business education has been published. According to the grade of publication of the assignment, the first week assignment was given to the students of humanities, business education, science and music in all the government and private higher secondary colleges under the general education board.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Education, on 28 July 2024, the first two weeks of the 15-week assignment was published for the 2024 HSC candidates studying in higher secondary level educational institutions.

HSC Assignment 2024 1st Weak Business Studies  PDF Download

As it is not possible to open an educational institution due to Kovid-19, the government has decided to publish a series of assignments to evaluate the candidates of science, humanities, music and business education participating in the 2024 HSC examination in an alternative manner.

The website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education publishes all the guidelines including the assignment of 2024 HSC candidates of all the general education boards of the country.

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Hsc 2024 1st Weak Assignment Business Studies

In order to participate in the 2024 HSC examination from the Department of Business Education, students have been given two assignments in the first week of Business Organization and Management First Paper and Accounting First Paper.

HSC Exam 2024 1st Week Assignment for Readers Business Education Department HSC Examination 2024 1st Week Assignment for Business Studies Business Organization and Management and Accounting Scheduled Tasks are mentioned in detail.

Students and educational institutions can download the PDF of the first assignment questions in the 2024 HSC exam for business education students if they want.

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Hsc 2024 1st weak Assignment Business organization and management

Its first assignment on business organization and management for the first week of students to participate in the 2024 SSC exam from business education is taken from the basic concept of business in the first chapter of the first paper.

Below is the first assignment of the first letter of business organization and management of HSC candidates of business education branch.


Level: HSC Exam 2024, Category: Business Education, Subject: Business Organization and Management, Paper: First, Subject Code-28, Assignment No-1

CHAPTER AND TITLE: Chapter 1: Basic Business Concepts;

Assignment: Analysis of the significance of the business statement as it is the main driving force in improving the economy of the country and the quality of life of the people.

Learning Outcomes / Contents: Explain business concepts; Be able to describe the scope of business; Be able to analyze problems and possibilities in the field of industry, trade and direct services as part of business in Bangladesh; Be able to explain the functions of the business, analyze the importance of the business; Be able to analyze the contribution of business to economic development Be able to analyze the role of business as a means of earning a living;

Directions (signal / step / circumference):

1. The concept of business needs to be explained with examples.

2. The scope of the business needs to be described.

3. Describe the functions of the business.

4. Explain how business plays a key driving role in improving the economy and quality of life.

Hsc 2024 1st weak Assignment Accounting

In the assignment of the first week of HSC examination 2024, the first cement of the first paper of accounting of the students of business education branch has been determined from the second chapter of the textbook of accounting.

The picture below mentions the details of HSC 2024 Accounting First Paper 1st Assignment (HSC 2024 Accounting First Paper 1st Assignment).



Level: HSC Exam 2024, Category: Business Education, Subject: Accounting Science, Paper: First, Subject Code-253, Assignment No-1

Chapter and Title: Chapter Two: Books of Accounts

Assignment: Introduction to the books of account

Supporting Information: The balance of the specific ledger of Teesta Bipani Bitan dated May 31, 2024 is Rs. 32,000 in cash, Rs. 30,000 in office equipment, Rs. 25,000 in receivables and Rs.

The events that took place in June, 2024 are as follows:

June 2: The owner invests Rs 10,000 in cash and Rs 30,000 in office equipment.

June 5: 40,000 worth of goods are sold, 80% of which is in cash.

June 9: Rent of Rs 8,000.

June 12: On the 5th of this month, the sale money was received and a discount of 500 rupees was granted.

June 18: Owner sells personal property for Rs 1,00,000 and buys a laptop for Rs 50,000 for his own use.

June 20: Purchase of goods from Grass & Sons at Rs. 9,000, of which 50% is on loan.

June 23: Ghaesh & Sons is paid its dues and gets a Rs 200 discount.

June 26: Products worth Rs 30,000 are sold in cash.

June 30: The manager’s salary is Rs 10,000.

Learning Outcome Content:

1. Explain the two-way filing system;

2. Be able to diagnose debit-credit;

3. Be able to explain the importance of the steps of the accounting cycle;

4. Be able to describe the types of primary books of accounting and prepare ledger ledger;

5. Be able to determine the value of the ledger;

. Prepare cash books, cash receipts and cash disbursements;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

1. The steps of the accounting cycle have to be followed. 2. Transactions need to be identified from the event. 3. The effect of the transaction must be described in the accounting equation. 4. It is necessary to determine the pasting and proof of the ledger. 5. Need to prepare cash books.


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