HSC Accounting Assignment Answer 2024 (5th Week)

Dear students of HSC 2024, I hope you are doing very well. For you today, the selectors of the HSC Exam 2024 Fifth Week of Accounting Science 2nd Paper Subject Assignment have come up with helpful information about the concept of capital of a joint stock company and the accounting of transactions related to share issue.

By practicing this discussion properly, you will be able to complete the solution of Accounting Science 2nd Paper Assignment provided for the students of the 5th week of HSC Examination 2024 for Public-Private Educational Institutions of the country. [ বাংলায় দেখুন ]

HSC 2024 Accounting Assignment 5th Week


HSC 2024 5th Accounting Science 2nd Paper Assignment

Accounting information on the concept of capital of a joint stock company and the accounting of transactions related to the issue of shares:

Padma Limited, Meghna Limited and Jamuna Limited are three separate companies constituted under the Companies Act, 1994. The estimated capital of each company is Rs.10,00,000 which is divided into 1,00,000 shares worth Rs.10,000;

At the rate of 40% of the estimated capital of Padma Limited,

Meghna Ltd. 50% of the estimated capital with a surcharge of Rs

Jamuna Limited issues 30% of the estimated capital at the rate of Rs.

Each company received an additional application of 20% against the shares issued;

Each company distributes the issued shares among the applicants as usual and the additional application money is refunded to those to whom the shares could not be issued;

Jamuna Limited issues 20% of the estimated capital against the purchase of land and buildings;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

A) determine the difference between shares and stocks;

B) accounting of transactions relating to the issue of shares at par, surcharge and deduction;

C) record of transactions related to share issue and preparation of financial statements;

HSC Accounting Assignment Answer 2024













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