HSC 2024 7th Week English 1st Paper Assignment Solution | Writing a Speech

Students who are participating in the HSC Exam 2024, you must be looking for the English 1st Paper Assignment Solution for the seventh week of HSC 2024 (Writing a Speech; HSC 2024 7th Week English 1st Paper Assignment Solution). The topic of today’s article is Writing a Speech; HSC 2024 7th Week English 1st Paper Assignment Solution.

By practicing this discussion properly, you will be able to complete the solution / answer of the English 1st Paper Assignment provided for the students of the seventh week of HSC Examination 2024 for the public-private educational institutions of the country in a very good way.

HSC 7th Week Assignment 2024 English 1st paper

Assignment Title: Writing a Speech


Suppose you want to be elected as a mayor in your locality. Prepare a written speech for presenting it before your voters

  • • Write 250 words
  • • To develop the assignment, use the

following points:

  • a. Introduce yourself as a candidate.
  • b. Narrate your experience, dedication, and skills
  • c. Write what your plans are for the development of the area including health, education, environment, communication issues if elected.
  • d. Put down some arguments in favor of your candidature
  • e. Closing statements requesting the readers to elect you.

HSC 2024 7th Week English 1st Paper Assignment Answer

Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for inviting me here today. My name is MD Ashraful Khan and it is an honor to be here as a part of this election. Right now, we have an amazing opportunity to transform Dhaka into the gleaming and charming Dhaka city it is destined to be.

If I am elected mayor, I will seize the opportunity to address the challenges of Dhaka. I will revamp the education system. Fix the transportation system and renovate Bangabandhu National Stadium. I believe that, if we work together we can make Dhaka great. And I believe that I have the experience to be the most effective measure of Dhaka.

Right now, we have an opportunity- a chance to substantially improve services in Dhaka. Having worked with children, I feel that it is vital that we improve their education. Many of our teachers are living in Dhaka. One reason is the high cost of living in our beautiful city. I suggest that we raise their yearly salaries by 7% so they can afford to live here.

Another problem we face is antiquated technology in the school. We need to upgrade the computer software for the entire district: in our elementary schools, our middle school, and in our High Schools. The total cost for this project will be less than $2,000 for each student.

Another challenge is the increased traffic in Dhaka which makes it difficult to get around. If I am elected mayor, I will fix this, and green technology can lead the way. We can install trolley rails around Dhaka going to and from popular places in our town. And tourists and commuters will be able to use bikes from “rent-a-bike” stations located around our city. We will also provide ferry service to transferred commuters and tourists. Everyone will see the first time why Dhaka is called “Dhaka City”.

For years, Bangabandhu National Stadium has served as the main attraction for both tourists and residents in our city. But, as you may have noticed, Bangabandhu National Stadium is an old structure. It doesn’t look nearly as good as football play! Trust me, I have done my homework on this issue.

Building a new Stadium would cost too much money but, living it alone could produce hazardous results especially, for the people of Dhaka city. None of us want to think about that but the problem exists. The obvious solution is to renovate the stadium. The renovation will create jobs for people in Dhaka, and save one of our landmarks and main attractions.

Together, we can work on the issues we currently face in Dhaka. We can renovate the stadium, reduce traffic in our city and we can improve education for students and teachers. We can do this as one town, with one dream, and one future!

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