HSC 7th Week Assignment 2024 (All Subjects PDF Download)

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has published the assignment of the seventh week of HSC Exam 2024 for the students of all government and private colleges of the country who wish to participate in the HSC Exam 2024. August 29, 2024 HSC Exam 2024 As per the routine of publishing the assignments of the examinees, all the information including the notification regarding the publication of assignments of the prescribed subjects is published in the seventh week.

For the readers, the PDF of the subjects of each section including the questions of the scheduled subjects of the seventh week assignment of the HSC candidates of 2024, the instructions for writing the assignments and the evaluation rubikas have been published.

From here all the Board of Education will be able to download the high quality PDF of the assignments for the scheduled subjects of the seventh week of HSC Examination 2024 and see the instructions for writing the answers.

HSC Assignment 2024 7th Week

In order to implement the decision taken by the government, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) issued a notification on 29 August 2024 to publish the prescribed subjects of the weekly assignments for the students participating in the 2024 HSC examinations.

In the picture below, the assignments of the students of class XII for the HSC examination of 2024 scheduled in the seventh week are mentioned in detail.


In the light of appropriate topics and sources, it is learned that due to the ongoing Kovid-19 overhaul, the 8th week of English, Physics, Economics, Politics and Sociology to bring students fully involved in the learning activities and under continuous assessment on the basis of reorganized curriculum as directed by the Ministry of Education. And Nutrition Assignment, Assessment has been formulated with Rubrics; Which can be sent along with it.

8th week assignment activities August 31, 2024 AD. Will start from Tuesday.

Due to Covid-19 overdose, it is requested to take necessary steps to ensure proper observance of the hygiene rules given by the government.

HSC 7th Week English Assignment 2024

Level: HSC 2024; Groups: Science, Humanities & Business Studies; Subject: English 1st paper, Subject cod: 107; Total No. 16; Assignment No. 03 

Assignment title : Writing a Speech

Topic & Learning outcome:

Unit -3 (Dream) Learners will be able to – write formal, informal, academic, professional and other genres of texts e.g. descriptive, narrative, argumentative (writing);


Suppose you want to be elected as a mayor in your locality. Prepare a written speech for presenting it before your voters

• Write 250 words To develop the assignment, use the following points:

a. Introduce yourself as a candidate.

b. Narrate your experience, dedication, and skills

c. Write what your plans are for the development of the area including health, education, environment, communication issues if elected.

d. Put down some arguments in favor of your candidature

e. Closing statements requesting the readers to elect you.

HSC 7th Week Physics Assignment 2024


Level: HSC Exam 2024, Category: Science; Subject: Physics 2nd paper, subject code: 185; Total number: 16, Assignment number: 04

Assignment and Chapter Title: Chapter-II; Static electricity
Assignment: Problems related to container capacity and stored energy

(A) The two ends of a parallel sheet holder are connected to the two ends of a battery with an electric conductor. If the capacity of the container is C and the area of ​​each leaf is A, what is the value of charge per leaf? (B) How much energy will be expended from the battery in this process?

(C) What is the value of energy stored in the container?

(D) If the answers given by Tayma (b) and (c) are different, explain the reason. If not different, then explain.

(E) After charging, the battery is disconnected from the container and the distance between the two sheets is doubled. What is the potential difference between the two leaves of the container?

(F) How much energy is stored in the borrower in the last condition?

(G) This time to explain the reason for the difference in energy value. Explaining the validity of Tayma’s answer by comparing it to the expansion of a spring.

Learning Outcomes / Content:

A. Be able to explain the holder and the holder.

B. Be able to measure the strength of the container.

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

Static electricity section

HSC 7th Week Accounting Assignment 2024


Level: HSC Exam 2024, Category: Humanities and Business Education; Subject: Economics 2nd Paper, Subject Code: 110; Total number: 12, Assignment number: 04

Assignment and Chapter Title: Chapter-III; Industry of Bangladesh.

Assignment: Classify the industry based on the products produced in Bangladesh. Give a reasonable opinion on what kind of industry to set up for rapid industrial development.

Learning Outcomes / Content:

A. Be able to explain the classification of industry in Bangladesh.

B. Can prepare list of export oriented industries.

C. In public-private partnership.

D. Be able to analyze the validity of government policy for industrial development.

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

1. Classification of industries.

2. Export oriented industry.

3. Appropriate analysis of government policy in industrial development of public-private partnership.

7th Week HSC Assignment 2024 PDF Download

For the convenience of students and educational institutions, the assignments for the seventh week of 2024 HSC candidates are given in PDF format. Download the 2024 HSC exam assignments in your desired seventh week by clicking the download button below.

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