Justify the title of the poem “Holding Hands

Justify the title of the poem “Holding Hands”

Elephants were walking along the trail holding hands. By holding their tails they are working slowly.

Besides, They were walking by holding their trunks. When they walked the move in a circus ring.

And hold a walk they never miss these criteria of walking.
A shopping experience in a grocery shop:

A grocery is a shop that sells the daily necessary things. It is a useful place. Some shops are big and somewhere is small. It is found everywhere.

One day, I went to a grocery shop with my father. We entered a grocery shop. I saw there was a cashier who took money from the customers. There were three salesmen to serve the customers.

I want there to buy our daily settings like eggs, oil, milk, potato, tomato, salt, etc. Generally, people can buy their natural things from a grocery shop. The salesman sold many things at a fixed price.

There are some shops which had no fixed price. the owner of a grocery buys things from the market at a cheap rate. Things were sold with a little margin.

Nowadays various companies supply their products to a grocery shop there transports. A grocery is a useful place in Indeed.

There where another part of the grocery shop where contained tea, coffee, bread, biscuits, etc. Then my father asked me if what I would take.

I replied that I would take coffee with a biscuit. After completing that we went to the cashier.

My father asked him how much we had to pay. Reply it was 1000 taka. Then my father paid the payment to the cashier.

The salesman put the grocery things in a bag and gave it to my fathers and, We thanked them and left the place.

The experience of visit a grocery shop really enjoyable to me. I have learned many things from it.

Imagine, If there are no grocery shop then what happened?


Meherab Hossain

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