Class 9 13th Week Assignment 2024 (PDF Download)

Educational institutions have been closed since 2024 in the light of the decision of the Ministry of Education to protect teachers and students from Kovid-19 epidemic coronavirus infection. Authorities publish class 13th week assignments; And for ninth grade science, humanities and business education students, the assignments for the eleventh week are English, Physics, Accounting, History and World Civilization of Bangladesh.

In the light of the short syllabus prescribed by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board, the students have to submit the science, action and life oriented education assignment published for the sixth grade students to the educational institution following the prescribed rules.

Details are given below in the Ninth Grade Assignment and Solutions and Section Based PDF Post of the Eleventh Week;  [ বাংলায় দেখুন ]

Class 9 13th Week English Assignment

 Categories: Science, humanities and business education; Subject: English, Assignment Number: 03

Assignment and Chapter Title: Unit-Three: Events and Festivals;

Learning Outcomes / Content:

Lesson 1: Mother’s Day;

Lesson 2: May Day Lesson;

3: International Mother Language Day-1;

Lesson 4: International Mother Language Day-2;

Lesson 5: Independence Day;

Lesson6: Pohela Boishakh;


This year we are going to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of our Independence Day. If you are assigned to organize a cultural program to celebrate the day at your school, what your plan will be to stage the program highlighting the heroic struggle and sacrifice in 1971. Narrate in brief in not more than 200 words.

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

1.Topic / Title;

2. Introduction;

3. Body / Description: (para or para title may vary assignment to assignment);


Class 9 13th Week Physics Assignment


Categories: Science; Subject: Physics, Assignment Number: 03

Assignment and Chapter Title: Chapter-II; Speed;

Learning Outcomes / Content:

2.1 Position and speed; 2.2 Different types of motion; 2.3 scalar and vector quantities;

2.4 Distance and displacement; 2.5 Speed ​​and velocity; 2.6 acceleration and deceleration; 2.6 Equations of motion; 2.6 falling objects;



Task-1: Explain the velocity, acceleration of velocity with the help of diagram;

Task-2: The following figure shows the different positions of an object particle at different times

Determine the relative distance traveled by the object particle by determining the acceleration and deceleration in the parts 0A, AB, BC and CD mentioned in the figure.

Work-3 6

Analyze the change of velocity using the chart;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

Will follow the textbook;

Class 9 13th Week Accounting Assignment


Business education. Subject: Accounting Science, Assignment Number: 03

Assignment and Chapter Title: Chapter-III; Two-way filing system;

Learning Outcomes / Content:

A. The idea of ​​a two-way filing system;

B. Principles or features of two-way filing accounting system;

C. Advantages of two-way filing system;

D. Rules for determining debit credit

E. Book of accounts maintained in a two-way filing system

F. Accounting cycle

G. Methods of maintaining accounting continuity;

H. Unilateral submission procedure;


A. Present a diagram with different steps of the calculation cycle.

B. Identify the debit and credit parties by mentioning the names of the respective accounts in the table from the following transactions of Limon Traders for the month of January 2024: –

January 01: Rs 20,000 if shop rent is paid. January 05: Purchase of goods on loan Rs. 56,000; January 10: Rs 25,000 withdrawn from bank;

January 20: Purchase return Rs. 4,000. January 26: Sale of old tables at Rs 2,500;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

1. Taking ideas about relevant topics in the textbook;

2. Remind the subject teacher through mobile or virtual media if necessary;

3. Take the help of Google and YouTube through the internet;

4. Eleventh-twelfth grade accounting books can be used if possible;

Class 9 13th Week Histroy Assignment

Category: Humanities; Subject: History and World Civilization of Bangladesh, Assignment Number: 03

Assignment and Chapter Title: Chapter-III; Towns of ancient Bengal;

Learning Outcomes / Content:

1. Geographical features and influence of Bangladesh;

2. Town;


Write a report on the map of ancient Bengal by identifying the settlements and the reasons for the formation of settlements in the light of the geographical conditions there; (150-200 words)

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

1. The map should be drawn on an A4 size white paper or on the reverse page (full page) of the calendar by calculating the scale;

2. Pictures of villages can be collected with the help of various magazines, books, Google and YouTube and added to the article;

3. The idea can be gleaned from the second chapter of Taema’s textbook;

Class 9 13th Week All Assignment Pdf Download

For the convenience of the students, the section based assignments of the 13th week published for the ninth class students of 2024 were given in PDF format;

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