Class 6 Assignment 13th week 2024 (Bangla and Math)

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has published the 13th week assignment for sixth to ninth class students for all government and private lower secondary and secondary level students in the country. On 25 August 2024, the authority of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education published the assignment of the 13th week of the sixth class. Today is our article about the 13th week of sixth grade assignments and solutions.

Thirteenth week assignments for sixth grade students prepared by NCTB and published by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education were given in one page PDF format. [ বাংলায় দেখুন ]

Class 6 13th Week Assignment 2024 Answer

Assignments scheduled for students up to 6th class in the 13th week will start from 28th August 2024 and the students will have to complete them and submit the subject to the teacher as per the prescribed rules by 01st September 2024.

In the light of the short syllabus prepared for the 6th class students in 2024 for the readers, in the light of the instructions mentioned in the question paper of the 13th week assignment, questions and solutions were given to the assignments in Bengali and Mathematics by collecting information from textbooks and reliable sources.

Class 6 13th Week Bangla Assignment



Subject: Bangla, Assignment Number: 04

Assignment and Chapter Title: Happiness (Poetry)

Learning Outcome / Content: Lesson Number: 02 Happiness;


Make a list of ten things that are good for people;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

Happiness poems and their themes in your textbook should be read carefully;

Class 6 13th Week Math Assignment

Subject: Mathematics, Assignment Number: 03

Assignment and Chapter Title: Chapter-II; Ratios and percentages;

Curriculum content:

2.1 Ratio 2.2 Different Ratios 2.3 Relationship between Proportions and Percentages 2.4 Unit Rules;


3. As the current price of oranges has increased by 5%, 8 oranges are available at Rs. 552 less than before;

(A) express 4% in fractions and 15% in proportion;

(B) determine the present price of each dozen oranges;

(C) determine the price at which a dozen oranges sell for a profit of 252%;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

Solve the problem with a clear idea of ​​proportions and percentages;

Class 6 13th Week Assignment Pdf Download

For the convenience of the 6th 2024 students, the assignment was given in the form of a PDF in one page of the 13th week for the students;

PDF Download


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