Check Original Mobile by IMEI Number Samsung/ Xiaomi /Huawei / iPhone

Bangladesh government is putting an end to the usage of illegal phones. BTRC will disconnect clone/fake IMEI phones from the network soon. Many unofficial phone users are upset over this announcement by BTRC. You can easily check if your phone is real or duplicate. Today we are going to show how to check with IMEI whether the phone is genuine or duplicate. Simply passing a few steps, you can verify the validity of the phone. Let us have a look at the process.

Free IMEI Check Online 

First of all, you have to check whether the mobile IMEI is clone or real. IMEI on your mobile will show various data about the original manufacturer company online. To check IMEI, at first go to this site / Then type your phone’s IMEI and click on the check button. However, before that you have to put a tick mark in the below ‘I am not robot’ option.

If you do not know IMEI of your mobile, then you have to go to dialer and press * #06#. Then you can see the IMEI number. Copy and paste it into the site above. If your IMEI is correct, then you can see different information about the model, the manufacturing company of your mobile. Then you have to understand that your mobile is original.

IMEI Check by Mobile SMS

BTRC is creating a database on IMEI of legitimate mobiles imported or produced in Bangladesh. If the IMEI of your phone is in that database, you can rest assured. To check if the IMEI of your phone is in the BTRC database, go to the message option of your mobile and type:

KYD (space) 15 digits IMEI Number then send to 16002

Example – KYD 1674678907899 <160002

Once the message is sent, you will get the return message and be notified whether your phone IMEI is in the database or not. However, only the IMEI number of imported and produced phones in 2018 or later will be found in this database. Those who bought the phone before this date will not close.

How to Original Mobile Check by IMEI Number

Most people have bought the phone before 2018. You can check if the phone you purchased is genuine or not. If the phone purchased before 2018 is original, then your mobile will not be closed whether it is in the BTRC database or not. To check whether your phone is original or not, open the IMEI of your mobile.

Then type IMEI checker in Google and search. Enter any of the sites from the search result and check by writing IMEI. If the phone is original, the manufacturer information will be shown.

Samsung Mobile IMEI Check

illegal mobile notice

Will the Phone Actually Be Closed if Brought from Abroad?

If you buy a phone from abroad, it will not get closed. According to the law, a Bangladeshi citizen can bring two new phones from abroad without tax. So if you buy a phone from overseas you can get IMEI registration on the port. As a result, your imported mobile set will be legalized. However, you must show all documents related to phone purchase for IMEI registration at the port.

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There is nothing to fear after the BTRC declaration. You can easily check if your phone is valid or not. Apart from this, there is also an arrangement for registration if you bring your mobile from any foreign country.


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