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Alice Yano Biography – Alice Yano was born into a family of 25 children and says that for the first time she became their leader at that young age. Yano says her leadership was revealed when she waited to join the university at the age of 21 in 1989 when she became the Principal of the school she started. Yano arrives in an interview with Territorial Claims on a previously occupied Supreme Court seat by Justice Phillip Tunoi, who retired in 2016.

Lawyer Alice Jepkoech Yano Wiki Biography

Lawyer Alice Yano Profile, who is the youngest candidate to apply for the post of Chief Justice, is equal to the task despite her age. Yano, 53, says that it is true that he is young among his peers, but not young experience. She was born into a family of 25 children and says she became their leader at that young age after being born for the first time.


Yano says her leadership came to the fore when she was waiting to join the university at the age of 21 in 1989 when she became the principal of a school she started. She also says that when she joined the university, she was elected a class representative that reflected her leadership abilities. A mother of two who lost her husband in 2012 after leaving the Kenya School of Law, she moved to Eldoret to set up a Yeno law firm, where she lives to this day.

Kenya’s Chief Justice – Alice Yano Biography

Alice Yano Biography  – Along with six other women, she set up an NGO to financially empower local women. “We’ve done a lot with women, especially FGM fighting with Mendelio Wanawake in Algeo Marakwet County,” she said. “When I was applying for this job I asked myself if I could be able to do the job and the answer is yes,” Yano says that she loves serving the public and is also a hard worker.

53-year-old Alice Jepkoch Yano Wiki has come a long way since January 1997 when she was listed among the Kanu activists who thanked President Daniel Ara Moi for appointing Nicolas Baywotte back to the cabinet. Beot, known as Alizio Marakwet’s political overlord – Yano’s County of Berth – and Moikar’s total power man Moiker, has been out of the cabinet since his ouster as Energy Minister in 1991 due to pressure from foreign donors Were.


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Alice Yano Profile – A Lawyer Wikipedia

Alice Yano Biography Profile – Yano was admitted to the Roll of Advocates in 1995, as indicated in her application, giving legal advice to the government-owned Kenya Industrial Estates in 1993 before she graduated. Such was his closeness to power that when he was elected in 2001 as one of the 15 members of the Constitution of the Kenya Review Commission, none raised eyebrows. Only Isaac Ruto – the then Vocational Training Minister – made a disparaging comment about him in Parliament stating that he could not represent the Rift Valley province in the review and was rather “for gender” in the team. In a true sense, Yano was nominated along with revered female leader Phoebe Asio to represent the Giant Mendeley Ya Wanavec organization.

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Once on the review team, Alice Yano Biography quickly established his reputation as a divisive figure in the constitution’s review process, leading a delegation of 10 members of the commission to secretly meet Moi in a move that made the review team Threatened to split in the middle. Pro. Yashpal Ghai, who was named chairman of the CKRC, was in talks to bring a parallel Public Commission to Kenya, also known as the Ufugamano initiative, to the ruling party, in the same tent as the parliamentary process There was a fear of getting lost. Control of constitutional review process. Eventually, the two commissions were merged, bringing the total number of members to 27.

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