6th Week Biology Assignment Answer SSC 2024

SSC 2024 Science Department Examiner Friends, I have brought for you an article on identifying the stages of respiration and analyzing energy production and use by playing an assignment on the biology subject of the sixth week of the 2024 SSC exam. Hopefully by following this you will be able to complete the sixth week biology assignment solution of 2024 SSC exam very nicely.

Ssc 6th Week Biology Assignment




Assignment: Identifying the stages of respiration through play and analyzing energy production and use;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

1. First you have to read pages 7-8, 8-81 of the biology textbook.

Play equipment:

2. Note the following list (this list does not need to be raised in the assignment):

3. According to this list, 15 cards have to be made. Will be on one side of the card; The name and serial number of the material will be blank on the other side; Do not read from one side of the card to the other; Invert the cards so that one cannot be separated from the other;

4. The assignment table should be drawn on a white page of A-Four or similar size, according to the example given on the next page; At the beginning there will be no ATP number in the corner or position numbers of X, Y, Z. The game bard will have numbers from zero to fifteen, but X, Y, Z will not be written;

5. There will be a need for a pole that will point to an amoeba; Anything that can be kept in a game bird’s home (such as a bat, a piece of brick or stone, money / coins, etc.) can be used as a nest;

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Rules of play:

6. From the 15 cards mentioned, 3 cards have to be selected at once by lottery; The number of ATP equivalent to the three components written on that card will be the values ​​of A, B, C respectively (in ascending order of serial number); If the ATP value of these three is E, the amoeba will start playing with as much energy;

7. Note the highest and lowest number (not the ATP value) of the serial numbers of the three cards; In the game bar, those two numbered cells must be written as X and Z, respectively; The serial number on the other card must be followed by a Y in the same number on the playing board; Here X and Z are the two foods of amoebae whose nutritional value is A and D respectively, whereas D is the sum of the ATP values ​​of B and C; And in a hostile environment like Y, the amount of energy consumed at once goes to the amoeba;

8. Amoeba beetle should be kept in the empty room of the game bird. From there, one can go side by side or vertically on each step or step as per the choice of the student, but not at any angle; Once in a room, you can’t go back to the next corner;

9. How much ATP will it cost when the amoeba goes to one house per rice? A, B, C are equal to any one of the values; Energy is also consumed during meals. It will be equal to the value of any one of A, B, C;

10. Before starting the pole move, the student has to write down the values ​​of A to F, the position of X, Y, Z, and the cost criteria in the assigned game setup box of the assignment table. These values ​​cannot be changed during the game

11. Net ATP of the current step = Net ATP of the previous step + current step Acquired ATP – ATP consumed in the current step;

12. The game can end in three ways: (1) Reaching the last (No. 15) house before the amoeba’s energy is zero. (2) If F gets the amount of net ATP without reaching the last cell, where F is the maximum ATP value between A, B, C and E as much as possible. Amoebae can then reproduce by bifurcation; (3) Adverse environment When the amoeba net ATP reaches the Y cell, it is exactly zero, neither more nor less than zero. It then turns into an amoeba cyst (inactive phase) and waits for a suitable environment;

13. In the given example, the game is completed in seven steps from start to 6; In fact the game may end in more or less steps than this; After taking a good look at each step in the example below, you can start the game;

Ssc 6th Week Biology Assignment Answer








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