BDIX FTP Server BD List (FTP Movie Server)

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) used to send or transfer files to its specific users through a client-server. Mostly FTP is provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to its users. But there are some public FTP servers as well, which are accessible by the non-user also. Currently, in Bangladesh, more than 111 FTP servers are available. All FTP servers BD fall under the circumstances of BTRC.

All FTP Server BD are not for all. As we have mentioned before, some FTP servers are only for their purchased customer, some of them are free for everyone. Anyone with an internet connection can access files and download them from the public FTP server. FTP services are loved mostly for downloading segments or contents.

All FTP Server BD List

For example, if you want to watch a movie or a TV series, all you need to do is find an updated FTP server site, search for your desired movie or TV series, and put them into download. Whatever the file size is, the file will download within a few minutes.

One of the most attractive features of the FTP servers is, whatever your internet speed is, these File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers give you the freedom of internet speed. Where you can access or download the file at very high internet speed and can download easily. Highly efficient users of FTP servers are broadband internet users. Because of the bandwidth limit of mobile data, your internet cost will go high if you use the mobile internet.

 Best FTP Servers of Bangladesh

To make a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server, a company mostly called ISP (Internet Service Provider) needs to submit their relevant document to BTCL, after that the BTCL approves a server under the suggested name of ISP. Here we choose some from all FTP Server BD as follows.

Circle FTP: Circle FTP could be considered as one of the finest FTP servers in Bangladesh. This site is up to date all the time. For example, if something is released, you will find it within a couple of hours at circle FTP. This site is famous for the user request. If you request a file from them you will get it on their site within an hour.

EBOX: Ebox is mostly known as This site is considered one of the best FTP servers in Bangladesh because of its update to its file as well as it’s variety in content. With the minimalistic user interface of the server, you will love it.

BossBDFTP: BossBD is good for gamers. This site uploads the gaming content within a short span of time. But they don’t have any file request option in their servers.

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 Sam Online FTP BD

Sam Online started its journey in 2003 when internet or virtual networking was not very popular and business related to technologies were very rare. As the internet services were very expensive and the customers were mostly corporate institutions, the investment on these technological field was very risky.

You can get Live Streaming video, latest movie, Bangla natok and so on from Sam Online FTP BD.

FTP Movie Server BD

  1. Circle FTP Server
  2. Server
  3. BossBD FTP Server
  4. Net@Home
  5. Sam Online FTP BD
  6. MangoGamers FTP Gaming Server BD
  7. FTPBD
  8. Alphamediazone
  9. JDIX
  10. BongoBD Content on Demand
  11. CrazyCTG FTP server
  12. MYbdplex
  13. Roar Media
  14. ShowTimeBD
  15. Elaach FTP Server BD
  16. NaturalBD
  17. TajpataTV Server



  1. AntHouseBD
  2. DhakaFTP


  1. NetMatrixBD Server


  1. FuntimeBD FTP Server
  2. DhakaMovie
  3. CityCloud
  4. KissAnime Server
  5. FunTimeBD
  6. KhulnaPlex
  7. MojarFTP
  8. MovieBoxBD
  9. BDLan
  10. CTGHall
  11. DNFBD
  12. ITBaseBD
  13. BDIX Local FTP 1
  14. IPTV Server
  15. StarFlixBD
  16. Projapoti Live (TV) Server
  17. Rangdhanu Server BD
  18. FM Radio (BIDX)
  19. Randhanu Live (TV)
  20. Ihub FTP Server Bangladesh
  21. ShebaIT
  22. PandaClub
  23. SparkNetBD (10-in-one FTP Server Bangladesh)
  24. EvoNetBD
  25. Plex FTP
  26. SkyNetAudio
  27. ICC FTP

Final Words

FTP servers are good for the mass user, it saves people time and lets them spend a better moment with the internet. All FTP Server BD are still trying to provide high-quality service to its users, sometimes they fail because of not having the proper equipment or the cost of an FTP server is higher than usual.


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