GP Internet Offer 2024, Latest Offer from Grameenphone

If you want to use Grameenphone Internet at a low cost, you need to have an idea regarding the Gp internet offer. Then you will find out that you can use the Internet for half the cost. Grameenphone, the country’s largest mobile operator, offers a variety of offers almost all year round. For that, customers like me get a lot of benefits. Gp internet offers are good but sadly most people do not know these exclusive offers.

Due to which they are deprived of access to low cost internet. That is why we will be reviewing all the details of Grameenphone internet offer today. Let us now see what offers are available at GP.

GP Internet Offer

GP offers a lot beyond the regular packages. These offers let you buy more data for less money. That is why people always search for GP offers. Currently, Grameenphone has a lot of offers in the prepaid, postpaid and skitto SIMs. We will gather all the offers in one table and present them to you. Different types of GP offers are as follows:

GP All Internet Packages

Data Volume Taka Validity USSD Code
Pay As You Go .10tk/KB N/A *121*3000#
5MB 2.62 3 Days *121*3002#
350MB 31 BDT 3 Days *121*3083#
85MB 38 BDT 7 Days *121*3004#
2GB 54 BDT 3 Days *121*3242#
115MB 58 BDT 30 Days *121*3005#
1GB 89 BDT 7 Days *121*3056#
1GB 189 BDT 30 Days *121*3390#
3GB 108 BDT 7 Days *121*3344#
2GB 129 BDT 7 Days *121*3058#
6GB 148 BDT 7 Days *121*3262#
555MB 149 BDT 28 Days *121*3007#
4GB 179 BDT 7 Days *121*3084#
10GB 198 BDT 7 Days *121*3133#
1538MB 239 BDT 28 Days *121*3027#
3GB 289 BDT 30 Days *121*3391#
3.5GB 337 BDT 28 Days *121*3009#
5GB 399 BDT 30 Days *121*3392#
5.5GB 427 BDT 28 Days *121*3010#
6GB 609 BDT 28 Days *121*3012#
15GB 649 BDT 30 Days *121*3393#
30GB 998 BDT 30 Days *121*3394#

GP Internet Offer on Recharge

If you do not want to get into the hassle of code dialing, you can enjoy GP Internet Offer directly by recharging a specific amount. It is mentioned below about how much data you will get after recharging how much money.

Recharge Amount Package Validity
24 taka 35 minute + 200 MB 2 days
41 taka 2 GB 2 Days
68 taka 50 minute + 500 MB 7 days
104 taka 1.5 GB 7 days
148 taka 3 GB + 150 minute 30 days

GP Apps Internet Offers

Many do not know that internet packages can be purchased from My GP apps at a very low cost. In My GP apps, you will get 10-20% off on any package compared to the regular prices. To get this offer, you need to install My GP app on your phone. You need to buy data from apps. These are the attractive offers on the app mentioned below.

Total Data Price Validity
350 MB + 35 MB Bonus 33 Tk. 3 Days
1 GB + 103 MB Bonus 89 Tk. 7 days
6 GB + 615 Mb Bonus 148 Tk. 7 days
3 GB + 308 Mb Bonus 108 Tk. 7 Days
1.5 GB + 154 Mb bonus 239 Tk. 30 Days
2 GB + 205 Mb Bonus 54 Tk. 72 Hours
1 GB + 103 MB Bonus 189 Tk. 30 Days
3 GB + 308 Mb Bonus 289 Tk. 30 Days
5 GB + 512 Mb bonus 399 Tk. 30 Days
10 GB + 1 Gb Bonus 198 Tk. 7 Days

GP New SIM Internet Offer

GP also offers many internet offers on the new SIM. You can also enjoy these offers by buying a new SIM. Below are the Internet offers that GP New SIM has:

  • 1 GB internet with an expiry of 7days in the first month by recharging 34 Taka.
  • From the second month to the next 9 months, 1 GB internet with an expiry of 7days by recharging 17 Taka.
  • Internet offers can only be availed once per month.

How to Check GP Internet Balance

There are two ways to check internet balance. They are mentioned below:

  • Dial *121*1*4#. Then you will be notified of the balance by return message.
  • You will be able to see internet balance after you log in to My GP apps.

Final Words

We have also mentioned the regular packages along with the gp internet offer. So grab the offer today that seems fair to you.

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