Cyclone Bulbul 2024 Bangladesh | Live Cyclone Map Today

Cyclone Bulbul is now an active event in our country and our neighborhood country India. The cyclone is becoming severe over time and currently the equivalent of a category 2 tropical cyclone over the Bay of Bengal. It has been taking as a great threat to Bangladesh and some parts of India. The Cyclonic Storm Bulbul has originated from an area of low pressure over the southern Bay of Bengal in early November and slowly organized to be deadly.

Live Cyclone Map

If you want to know the details of any cyclone, you can keep your eyes on the live cyclone map. The live cyclone map is created to keep you all updated about every second so that you can get the latest update and act accordingly. People all over the world can take the necessary update from live cyclone maps as well as from live broadcasts and other media. You can also get live updates and information about Cyclone Bulbul if you want.

Cyclone Bulbul – The Strongest Cyclone since 1960

It is assuming and experts saying that Cyclone Bulbul is going to be the strongest cyclone since 1960. The leftovers of Matmo, a severe tropical storm materialized in the North Andaman Sea earlier this month, on November 2. It then slowly gained strength, has developed and reformed into a depression on November 5.

How the Name “Cyclone Bulbul” was given?

After gaining the strength to be formed into a cyclonic storm, the IMD assigned the name Bulbul. According to the rules of the ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific), the name “Cyclone Bulbul” was suggested by Pakistan, as one of the 7 regional countries in this area. The cyclone Bulbul has by now built up into a deadly cyclonic storm and is causing heavy rain around the coastal areas of Satkhira of Bangladesh and Odisha, West Bengal of India.

Steps Taken in Bangladesh to Face Cyclone Bulbul

Army teams from Bangladesh Army have been deployed in the coastal areas of Satkhira, Bangladesh to tackle the consequences of the very severe cyclonic storm Bulbul. On 9th November, Saturday evening, the army deployment has been taken place as the prior caution to the Cyclone Bulbul that is set to bear down on Bangladesh coasts on Saturday midnight.

For that reason, all coastal infantries of the Bangladesh Army are fully ready and prepared to take immediate action to offer all types of help before, during and after the cyclonic destruction. The authority has already evacuated some 100,000 people from coastal areas to reduce the damage.

Cyclone Bulbul Update News

1,500 tourists stranded on Saint Martin’s 

Around 1,500 tourists have been stranded on the Saint Martin’s Island as the vessel service from Teknaf and to the island was suspended due to high sea.

Moreover, some 1,000 people looking forward to make a trip to the island were also forced to cancel their journey, due to the suspension of vessel service on the Teknaf-Saint Martin route.

Final Words

It is so far known that the Cyclone Bulbul has weakened. We hope the damage will be very minimal and everyone will be safe from Cyclone Bulbul.


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