Ssc 2024 5th Weak Assignment Published | Pdf Download

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has released the 5th week assignment for the students studying in 10th class of government and private secondary level educational institutions of the country who are willing to participate in the SSC examination of 2024. Out of the 25 week assignments prepared in the light of the short syllabus of the SSC examination of 2024, the assignments of the fifth week of the tenth class SSC 2024 were published.

Assignments of five subjects have been scheduled for the students of Class X Science Humanities and Business Education in the fifth week to continue the teaching activities in the light of the short syllabus of the students and to evaluate them in an alternative manner as the educational institutions are closed.

Ssc 2024 5th Weak Assignment

Among these, the students of Science Department have been allotted Biology and Bangladesh and World Identity, Humanities Department, Citizenship and Citizenship and Science and Business Education for Finance Banking and Science.

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After a delay of several days, the students have to follow the proper rules and submit the relevant subjects to the teacher after collecting the prescribed subjects of the fifth week assignment for the SSC candidates of 2024 in accordance with the hygiene rules from the educational institution.

Educational institutions will accept and distribute assignments to students following government approved health rules and teachers of relevant subjects will evaluate assignments and collect information in the prescribed form.


5th Week Assignment for SSC 2024

The notification issued by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education on 11 August 2024 regarding the distribution of assignments for the fifth week of 2024 SSC candidates states-

The temporary suspension order for distribution of ongoing activities of SSC candidates for 2024 has been withdrawn through a letter issued on 24 July 2024 by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education.

Assignment distribution activities will continue on a regular basis till further instructions. Accordingly, 5th week assignments were distributed to the SSC candidates of 2024.

In this situation, in the preparation and acceptance of the fifth week assignment of SSC candidates of 2024, all the concerned are requested to take necessary steps by following the hygiene rules properly.

Ssc 2024 5th Weak Assignment Pdf Download

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