SSC Biology Assignment Answer 4th Week 2024

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has released the fourth week assignment of students who want to participate in the 2024 SSC examination. Students participating in the 2024 SSC exams from the Department of Science have been given a set of decision-making tasks this week from the Biology textbook, Chapter 4, Comparative Testing and Explaining Results to Determine the Effects of Different Influences on Oxygen Emissions as a result of synthesis of vital energy.

This is the third assignment for science students in the fourth week out of the 12 week assignment prepared in the light of the short syllabus of all subjects of SSC 2024 prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board NCTB.

Ssc 4th Week Assignment Biology

In the fourth week of SSC examinees of 2024, the third assignment of biology subject of the students of science department has been taken from the fourth chapter of the text book Vitality. To complete the fourth week assignment of SSC 2024 Biology, students will need to undertake a decision-making test by comparing the effects of different influencers on oxygen emission as a result of salicylate synthesis and explaining the results. Subject teachers will give up to a maximum of 16 marks according to the evaluation process depending on the proficiency in writing the answers.

In the fourth week, students will be able to explain the role of chlorophyll and ala in salax synthesis, describe the role of influencers in salak synthesis, and test the essentiality of chlorophyll and ala in the process of salak synthesis.

The picture below shows the details of the third assignment of Biology Department of Science for 2024 SSC candidates


Category: SSC 2024, Category: Science, Subject: Biology, Assignment No-03, Chapter & Title: Chapter 4 Vitality

Assignment: Decision making by comparative testing and interpretation of the results of different influencers on oxygen emission as a result of salicylate synthesis.

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

1. First you have to read pages 61-62, 64-65 of the biology textbook.

2. To perform the tests, first collect the materials: clear glass (or clear container in the other corner), watch (better if it is a stopwatch, otherwise it will work on ordinary clock), paper lemon juice without vinegar, laundry soap without any kind of detergent) , Clean water and aquatic corner plants (e.g. Kalmi spinach Helencha spinach water hyacinth / Highvilla etc.

3. The following two tables should be drawn in the book:


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4. You have to choose a sunny day and do the tests. The same amount of water should be used for each test so that the part of the plant is completely submerged. The same plant should be used in each test. But you have to change the water every time and wash everything well in clean water.

5. In the case of each of the six tests, one has to read the number of bubbles three times from one hour to one minute after sorting everything and the number of bubbles per minute will be the average of those three values.

6.When explaining the reason for the difference in the number of bubbles in Table 1, the text should be compared in pairs: A-1 vs. A-2, B-1 vs. B-2, and C-1 vs. C-2 each explanation 20 Must be within 30 words.

7. The actual names of the influencers (according to the textbook) should be written in the space provided in Table-2 as well as when the rate of synthesis increases or decreases as a result of the mentioned influencer.

8. Special care should be taken so that the tests are carried out in the order mentioned in the table starting from morning.

 4th Week Assignment Biology Answer SSC

In the fourth week of SSC Examiners 2024, a sample answer was prepared for the students who followed the instructions and assessment rubrics mentioned in the Biology Assignment Paper.

Following the sample answer of the assignment on Biology in the fourth week of SSC examination 2024, the students will be able to write the correct answers to the questions given in the assignment and will get the highest marks in the assessment.



Friends, this was for you SSC Exam 2024 Fourth Week Biology Assignment Solution and North Salake Synthesis as a result of comparative tests and results to determine the effect of different influences on oxygen emissions.

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