Hsc 2024 Biology 2nd Paper 2nd Weak Assignment Answer

Student friends taking part in the HSC examination from the Department of Science in 2024. Today’s discussion for you HSC 2024 Biology 1st Paper 2nd Week Assignment Solution (Model Analysis of Change as a result of crossing over during meiosis division) Today’s discussion. We hope that by following this you will be able to achieve good results in the second week assignment of Biology 1st Paper of HSC Examination 2024.

A sample answer was prepared following the assessment instructions given in the second week assignment of Biology 1st Paper of 2024 SSC Examiners prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board.

Hsc 2024 Biology 2nd Paper 2nd Weak Assignment

HSC 2024 1st Week Assignment Biology The first assignment of Biology subject in the first week has been determined on the basis of short syllabus for the students participating in the SSC examination of 2024 from the second chapter cell division of the text book.

Here students will complete the biology subject in the first week by analyzing the importance of miosis in the organism and realizing the contribution of miosis cell division in maintaining the continuity of life.

The picture below gives the details of the 2nd week assignment of the first paper of Biology for the science department of 2024 HSC candidates.

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Assignment: Model analysis of changes caused by crossing over during meiosis division;

Step No. 3-4 has to be repeated and the result according to step No. 5 has to be written in the two cells of round-2). What happens if there is meiosis with crossing over?

 The crossing will occur before the over, then either a hemelagus chromosome will go to the gamete. Crossing over chromosomes can occur in any of the 4 locations. The pair of chromosomes (Pp and Pm) of the father should be considered first. You have to toss coins twice in a row.

9. Similar to steps 6 and 7 above, crossing over should be done on the pair of mother’s hemelagus chromosome.

10. Similar to steps 3 and 4 from the altered chromosomes as a result of crossing over, the chromosomes of the parents will go to the male and female gametes, respectively, to be determined by random selection.

11. The two chromosomes determined from the two gametes crossing over will form a set of diploid (2n) chromosomes in the child together. In this way, if any characteristics are transmitted from parent to child, then it is necessary to write in the two boxes (Round-3) of the table of assignments mentioned below.

12. Step 8-10 should be repeated and the result should be written in the two cells of round 4 according to step no.

13. Based on the results obtained so far in the assignment, it is necessary to mention what is the difference between the genetic diversity and the characteristics as a result of crossing over or not. The reasons for the differences need to be explained in the textbook. This part should be written separately (in 50-60 words) outside the given table for assignment.

Hsc 2024 Biology 2nd Paper 2nd Weak Assignment Answer
















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