Hsc Geogrphy Assignment Answer 2024

The third week assignment prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board for HSC candidates for the year 2024 is an assignment to analyze the demographic component of the population in the context of Bangladesh.

Here is all the information related to the assignment and solution of Geography 2nd Paper Assignment of Humanities Department of the third week of 2024 HSC Examiners.

The HSC candidates of 2024 from the humanities department will have to submit the relevant subject to the teacher after completing the assignment of the second paper of Geography following the proper instructions.

Hsc 2024 3rd Weak Geogrphy Assignment

In the HSC examination of 2024 under all the general education boards, the second assignment of geography for the students of the humanities department has been taken from the population of the second chapter of the text book.

In the light of the short syllabus, students will be able to explain the demographic component of the population, explain the reasons, types and effects of population migration, explain the demographic characteristics of the population of Bangladesh, explain the population of Bangladesh in the light of the demographic transitional model.

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The picture below shows the details of the second week assignment of the second paper of Geography of the Humanities Department of the students participating in the HSC examination of 2024.


Subject: Geography 2nd Paper, Assignment No. 02, Chapter and Title: Chapter 2 (Population)

Assignment: Analysis of Demographic Components, Features and Distribution of Population in the Context of Bangladesh

Assignment Writing Instructions (Hints / Steps / Scope):

1. Demographic component of population;

2. Causes, types, and effects of population migration;

3. Population characteristics of Bangladesh;

4. Demographic Transitional Model and Bangladesh;

Hsc 2024 3rd Weak Geogrphy Assignment Answer

The questions were solved in the light of the Rubik’s assessment in the instructions given in the second assignment of the second phase of the 2024 HSC examinees in the third week of the humanities elective subject geography.





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